Hearst Newspapers

A central content hub to feed properties nationwide

Hearst Newspapers, a division of Hearst Corporation, owns 15 dailies, 49 weekly newspapers and one online-only property, including the Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News, Albany Times Union and In the face of industry challenges, Hearst was steadfast in it focus to transform its properties into digitally-based publishing businesses.

To achieve this Hearst sought a system to improve and integrate the workflows and single-purpose solutions of its original, first-generation content management platforms. “We considered many content management systems that were incrementally better than what we had,” said Lincoln Millstein, senior vice president, Hearst Newspapers. “But we didn’t want to make a switch to gain only marginal improvements. We were patient and found Nstein.”

The Hearst solution consists of the Nstein DAM — a media hub for into which all content will flow, and in where business rules like automatic syndication will reside. Additionally, the DAM automatically calls out to Nstein’s TME to semantically annotate all assets. Nstein’s linguistic solutions re-tag newspaper articles to fit multiple categories. Thus, a fishing column will be tagged for boating, travel, leisure, outdoors, environment, and perhaps even for business, technology and food. Tagging optimizes content for online searches and ease of use across Hearst sites.

With all assets now annotated, it is easy for editors to populate sites --- and advertiser-sponsored microsites — through Nstein’s template-driven WCM.

“This total platform massively increases the value – and relevance - of the journalism on our newspapers’ robust Web sites,” Millstein said.