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Nstein TME 5: Turning content into assets

Content inherently contains value; monetary value

Nstein's TME (Text Mining Engine) helps extract the value from content, and maximize it; all while reducing content-related costs. Below is a quick look at some of the value TME brings.

Connect people with relevant content

TME enriches content with semantic metadata that makes it vastly more findable, visible & SEO friendly. This same increased visibility assures that external content will remain associated with a particular brand.

Prepare for the semantic Web

TME 5 is built to optimize content for the semantic Web by understanding its meaning and extracting its full value, thereby turning it into knowledge that is easy to find, creatively re-combine and share.

Create portable, channel-agnostic content

Write once, publish many times. TME standardizes and enriches content simultaneously, making it ready for delivery across digital channels. Whether trying to go mobile, port to print or syndicate, the clean, intelligent XML TME generates makes content ready for multi-channel delivery.

Create new business opportunities

With content in a highly structured, findable, enriched, and portable format, contextually associate it with appropriate advertising content. Easily segment and retrieve content to develop targeted microsites, license or syndicate content. All this while reducing content-related costs as tagging is automated, content is categorized properly and easy to research and repurpose.