Products and Technologies

Nstein DAM 4

An enterprise hub for all content assets

Nstein's DAM provides information-rich enterprises with a strategic repository of assets that are ready to be reused across any digital channel. Once freed from proprietary file formats, assets can be rapidly packaged and delivered. Turn assets into opportunities.


Nstein's DAM has flexible ingestion capabilities allowing any asset to be represented in a single, powerful system, regardless of where that asset was created. Collect all of assets together regardless of content type, be they: print documents, online content, rich-media, user-generated content, third party feeds or virtually any other digital source. Flexible metadata allows important details to be tracked and DAM supports standard XML formats as well as XMP.


Nstein's DAM creates a consistent, reusable representation of all related assets. No need to worry about the differences between an article created in a print system versus an article created in a Web CMS.


Nstein embeds its patented Text Mining Engine (TME) into DAM, providing semantic metadata that can be used to automatically or manually filter and deliver assets. Need to find all of the asset related to a subject? Nstein's DAM provides the tools and the metadata to make the task easy.


Once content is centralized, normalized and enriched, it is possible to have a macroscopic understanding of content assets as well as unprecedented control over their delivery. This results in major productivity gains as well as a broadening of options for licensing, syndication, distribution and reuse of content. Being able to understand and manipulate content actualizes its inherent value.